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1. What are the plans for Country Pointe Estates at Kings Park?

The Beechwood Organization will continue to engage with stakeholders in the community, as well as residents and town officials to solicit feedback regarding their vision for Country Pointe Estates at Kings Park. We have formulated a conceptual plan for the community. The current conceptual plan is a community comprised of 298 “for-sale” units, consisting of a mix of single family homes, villas and townhomes as shown in the conceptual site plan. The conceptual plan will be presented to all interested persons and stakeholders and modified based upon reasonable input.

2. What are the next steps and where can I learn more about Beechwood and Country Pointe Estates at Kings Park?

If you would like more information or have any questions concerning the proposed community, please send us an email at .

3. If Country Pointe Estates at Kings Park is approved, can it be converted to a rental community?

No. In the 35+ years Beechwood has been in business, it has never applied for or converted a “for-sale” community to a rental community.

4. Will the new community detract from the character of the neighborhood?

We firmly believe that the success and future growth of Kings Park is directly attributable to the community’s character and charm as a residential neighborhood. The community will be designed to be complementary and harmonious with the adjacent residential section.

5. Will there be an affordable component?

Yes, if required by the town. The Long Island Workforce Housing Act requires that 10% of the proposed homes within the community be sold at approved affordable prices if the legislation is applied to the proposed community. These affordable units will encourage Town residents on fixed incomes and the next generation of future homeowners to remain in the community.

6. Will there be a retail component?

No. The proposed community is comprised solely of “for-sale” residences. The application and proposed zoning do not call for or permit any retail or commercial uses.

7. Where will the access road to Country Pointe Estates at Kings Park be?

Primary access for ingress and egress to the community will be from Old Northport Road and Old Indian Head Road. There will be no ingress or egress roads at all on Linden Avenue.

8. How will this community impact traffic?

The traffic impact on the community will be minimal and a comprehensive traffic impact and mitigation study will be performed by independent third-party engineers, at our sole cost and expense, as part of the approval process and environmental review. It is anticipated that the residents will be a mix of active adults, empty nesters and young individuals and couples without children resulting in a minimal impact on traffic during peak hours. We anticipate that the proposed community will have no impact on the level of service in the residential sections adjacent to Country Pointe Estates at Kings Park as there will be no access routes to the community other than Old Northport Road and Old Indian head Road.

9. Will this community have a negative impact on the local aquifers or water quality?

No. The primary cause of pollution in the ground water is nitrogen leaching from the septic tanks of single family homes, especially older ones. This Community will have its own state of the art sewage treatment plant that will significant reduce nitrogen discharge, so it will not adversely impact any local aquifers or groundwater quality. Also, the proposed plan would retain all stormwater runoff on-site, and use substantially less lawn fertilizer, pesticides and harmful chemicals and substances than traditional single family subdivisions.

10. Will a PILOT or other tax abatement be granted?

No; we are not seeking a PILOT or any other tax grants for this project.

11. How will our emergency service responders be able to service Country Pointe Estates at Kings Park?

Beechwood is committed to the health and safety of the residents in our communities and the neighborhoods we live and work in. We have met and will work closely with all first responders to obtain their input on our proposed design, and we will incorporate their feedback into our plans so that Country Pointe Estates at Kings Park will be safe and accessible.

12. What will sales prices be?

The pricing of the units has not yet been determined as this will be a function of the final number of units approved. In our 35+ years of building communities on Long Island, it has been our experience that most of our customers are from the surrounding area, and we’ve built our reputation on enhancing and complementing the communities in which we build.

13. Will there be a clubhouse and what amenities will be included?

Yes. Similar to many of our existing communities, the proposed Country Pointe Estates at Kings Park will include a clubhouse with many indoor amenities such as a fitness center, game rooms, kitchen and lounge for residents only. Recreational Amenities will include a swimming pool, pickleball courts, bocce courts, tennis courts.

14. How will Beechwood handle sales and marketing for the community?

The Beechwood Organization is a full-service homebuilder and real estate development company with in-house sales and marketing departments. On-site sales personnel are typically Beechwood employees. Once all requisite approvals and authorizations are obtained, we will offer a VIP priority waiting list for the local community.

15. Is Town or County land or any public land being utilized for this community?

No. The property is privately owned and no portion of the community will be comprised of land owned by the Town, County or any other public entity.

16. Will the development of this community create negative effects on the environment?

Initial Environmental investigations have been conducted on the Property by third-party engineers and there are no environmental issues on the site affecting the development of this community. Additional environmental testing and reports will be made available to the public during the State Environmental Quality Review (SEQRA) process.

17. Will homeowners be able to rent their homes in the Community?

This will be developed and sold as an owner-occupied residential community. The Homeowner’s Association (HOA) will administer and enforce the rules and regulations for future residents . In our experience, the HOAs are highly protective of ownership interests and seek to restrict rentals by individual HOA members as much as possible. If rentals are permitted at all, these restrictions may include background checks, credit score and income limits, HOA approval and limits on more than one rental in any 12 month period.